Thursday, December 13, 2007

Encouraging quotes

I stumbled upon Todd's Blog this evening while reading the comments on Jim Palmer's blog. Jim is the author of Divine Nobodies, an excellent book. I am waiting for his new book Wide Open Spaces to come out. Anyhow, it turns out I actually know Todd. It's a small world. Todd's a great guy, go check out his blog. Anyhow, there were some quotes on there that I wanted to put up on my blog because they were very encouraging to me where I am at right now. Here they are.

"One of the worst things religion twists us to do is to try to make others see what we see. When we’re doing that we’re not just loving them where they are, but trying to get them to be where we are. That doesn’t lead to effective loving. In fact you’ll find people pushing you away, and even worse retreating into the defensiveness of their own bondage."

"Perhaps the most difficult thing for us to learn is how to simply love people, being honest with them about the life Christ has shown us without trying to manipulate them. But that is the environment where the Holy Spirit works most easily to open people’s eyes. I know it takes a lot of trust in God’s ability to lay down our need to convince others that we’re right, but it is a big part of learning to live in his life and to share that life with others in a way that promotes his work in them."

I believe these quotes came from Wayne Jacobsen...someone correct me if I am wrong.

Be MoVeD!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

thanks for the're all right...I forgot to mention...I think wide open spaces is available now isn't it....I may be wrong...if it ain't it's gonna be any time...

talk soon,


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Blogger Debo Blue said...

These are great comments, thanks for sharing with your public.

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