Monday, February 18, 2008

My wife Patty and daughter Shannon returned last night from their trip to the orphanage. They both had a great time down there. They did some painting and loved on the kids. I was thankful that Jen went with them so that there would be another adult helping Patty out. She also drove one of the vehicles which was a huge help.

I can't describe to you the different Patty I get when she returns from the orphanage. Her love and devotion to the kids is very comparable to Hannah's. She is just beaming when she gets home, even though I know she is probably tired, she doesn't really show it after the orphanage trips. It is what she has been called to do. I have no doubt in my mind about that. If we were not married, she would probably move down there permanently. I have another 10 years before I can retire. I would not have a problem if she wanted to go down there more often. If God wants her to, then she will.

Patty and I have been in prayer about what to do about a church home. We have decided to go back "home" so to speak. The church we were a part of for 2 years before we went with Amadeo. We are heading back to VCCG. Amadeo was a blessing to us and they will grow and bless the community around them. But we will still be family with Amadeo and will always have a connection with them through VCCG.

My co-worker at work who is 52 years old has come down with chicken pox. Strange but true! He's never had them before. It's supposed to be pretty miserable if you get them as an adult. Patty, Shannon and I have all had them so we're okay here. I get to work all of the evening shifts this week though as a result of his illness. Get well soon Mike, and don't scratch the "pox" or whatever they're called so you don't get scars.



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