Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A day off is good for the soul

Well I finally have a day off from work. I'm gonna read some more of Blue Like Jazz and just relax today. I had a great run yesterday before we went to the vet. After the vet I left for work. The run really helped me unwind from some of the stress we have had dealing with our dog's health problems.

Speaking of the dog, she is still with us. The vet drained some stuff off of her lymph nodes and sent them off to the lab. She is doing a little bit better today. We should get a call sometime today or tomorrow to find out what exactly the problem is. It could be cancer, or it could just be a nasty infection. I guess we'll know soon.

I am so glad I have a couple of days off. I like working evenings when there is active weather, and the afternoons and evenings is when the weather is active around here during the monsoon. But I hate the evening shifts for family reasons and when I work evenings I can't go help with the Youth on Wednesday nights or the Drop-In Center on Thursdays. But this week I get to be there.

To all those training, keep pounding the pavement, one foot in front of the other.


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