Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thoughts and Happenings from my trip

Well I made it back from my 3 day trip yesterday safe and sound. I drove a total of 758 miles and inspected 9 sites. Found one problem at one site that I will have to go back to next week to make a repair. Basically , I will just have to rewire the temperature system from the sensor to the display.

I did a lot of driving to remote places by myself. I always wonder what would happen if my work truck broke down out there in the middle of nowhere. I always make sure I have plenty of water in the truck so I know I wouldn't die of thirst. Sometimes I don't see a car for several hours at a time. The cell phone I have from work does not get a signal in a lot of the places I go out to. I have asked for one of those satellite phones, but have yet to get a response from management. I'm the Union Steward in the office. I should make an issue out of this. I'll have to think about it.

The most interesting thing that I saw on my trip was while I was driving the very desolate California Higway 62 between Parker Dam and Joshua Tree National Park. I was alone, had been driving for about an hour or so and maybe saw one other vehicle traveling in the opposite direction as myself during this hour. The road is almost perfectly straight and the terrain is a desert valley floor surrounded by some mountains. I was sort of in a highway trance. I had no radio reception in the truck so I was kind of bored and had to keep scanning the horizon just to stay awake. Up in the distance, maybe about 4 miles ahead I thought I could see something moving on the shoulder of the highway. As I got closer I definitely knew it was something or someone. To my amazement, as I was almost at the point where I could identify what I was seeing, it was a man dragging a large cross along the shoulder of the highway. He also had a cart in front of him that had what I assume to be supplies such as food and water and what not. I slowed the truck down to about 50 mph and waved. He was looking straight ahead and did not really acknowledge my wave. I'm not sure he even saw me. He was dressed like I would picture Jesus and he had the long hair and was kind of dirty. Like he had been walking in the desert for quite sometime.

I was already behind schedule at this point and did not have time to stop. I would have liked to have talked with this man just to find out what he was doing. What his mission was. If I would have had a camera with me, I would have taken a picture of him.

While I was at my hotel in Blythe I was eating some fast food I had bought and was just going to hang out in the hotel room and eat and watch some TV. I was watching Geraldo's show. He did a piece on these girls called JCSgirls. These were former strippers or porn actresses that have been saved by grace. They are now Christians and they have been called into ministry to minister to the gals that work in the strip clubs or in the porn industry. He gave a website that they have and I believe it is a valid ministry. I checked out their website at and it will tell you all about them. They even have a link to the XXXchurch that also has a similar ministry to those that are into the porn industry. What better people to spread the Word of God to strippers and porn stars than people that have been there before. They go into these places with a non-judgmental attitude and love these people like Christ does. They offer hope to those that may not know that there is hope.

While I was driving East on I-10 on my way back home yesterday I couldn't help but notice how nasty the air was in the Phoenix area. It was truely disgusting. I can't believe we are breathing it. I did get a 7 mile run in after I got back yesterday, and yes, the smog did affect me. I could feel it like I mentioned before in a post. I just couldn't get a full breathe in when I wanted to.

Well I've babbled enough. It's great to be back home to my wife and daughter. And my puppy was glad I was home too. She slept between Patty and I last night.

Peace out folks! Blessings on all of you.


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